About the Faculty of Education

Studies in the Faculty of Education at Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow draw from centuries-old educational Jesuit tradition based on Ignatian pedagogy. This tradition aims at shaping individuals who are sensitive, ready for life-long self-education and continuous growth to be 'a person for others' and 'a person with others'. Concern for personal development is an important stimulus for practical work in various educational institutions. It also indicates the need of multilateral and integral development of a human being from the existential and transcendental perspective.

Ignatian pedagogy constitutes the basis for developing study programmes at Ignatianum. Their aim is not only to provide specialist education to young people, but also to support them in their search for the meaning of life. In the course of studies a lot of attention is directed at awakening the need of self- developement built on Christian anthropology, which places emphasis on  interpersonal relations, especially the relations between teachers and students.    

            Studies inspired by this anthropology are meant to prepare students to thorough understanding of a human being and his needs. That is why not only professional competences but also moral responsibility of future graduates lie in the heart of the education process. Desired attitudes are shaped through lectures, academic seminars, classes and student practices.

            The above mentioned aims of education and personal development are supported by spiritual formation conducted by our University Chaplaincy Centre.



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