About the University

Jesuit Education - traditional values, modern studies

Ignatianum is one of the almost 200 Jesuit universities and scientific institutions, world- renowned for their prestige and high education quality. It is also the only Jesuit university in Poland and one of only four Catholic universities in the whole country, made up of 38 million citizens. It was founded in 1989, right after the overthrow of the communist regime by the Solidarity movement (Solidarność), when hitherto banned Catholic education reemerged. The University is located very close to the old town of Krakow, the previous capital and historical center of the country, inhabited by 750 000 people.

It currently consists of three faculties: Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Education and the Mysłowice-based Non - Resident Faculty. The Faculty of Philosophy offers five majors: Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Journalism and Social Communication, Tourism and Recreation. The Faculty of Education boasts six majors: Pedagogy, Political Science, Social Work, English Philology, Administration and Public Policy, Management and ICT in the Public Sector. All faculties are entitled to confer Masters Degrees. The Faculty of Philosophy as well as the Faculty of Education have the right to confer doctoral degrees. There are programmes for fulltime studies as well as extramural ones. The educational offer at both faculties also includes a number of postgraduate studies.

5 reasons to study at Ignatianum:

1. Great location: in the centre of the Cultural Capital of Poland. A 10 min walk from the Main Market Square and 5 from the Central Railway Station.

 2. Recently renovated building; modern facilities.

 3. High quality education: The Jesuit tradition combined with modern standards of education. Respecting the student; an individual approach.

 4. Small groups of students: enables students to be active participants and creates a cosy atmosphere.

 5. Useful facilities at the campus: lunch bar, copy point, modern library and reading room, courtyard, places for bicycles, large car park.

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