Education offer

The Jesuit University Ignatianum in Krakow consists of two faculties: Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Education. The education program of Ignatianum includes both full-time and extramural studies, PhD studies as well as a variety of post-diploma courses.


The main language of instruction at Ignatianum is Polish. Nevertheless, both faculties organise a selected number of courses, conducted entirely in English, which are offered both to Polish and international students.

All our incoming exchange students may choose for their Learning Agreement the courses, which represent maximum 30 ECTS per one semester.

Students may chose courses from all Institutes but are required to have majority of courses/ECTS at the host Institute, where his/her study field (major) belongs.

Note: The list of courses may be updated/ changed according to the Istitutes' study programme's organization at the beginning of each semester. In case a change concerns your Learning Agreement for Studies you will be asked to fill in the second part of the document: During the mobility/ Changes to LA within the two first weeks of your mobility.

The offer for the academic year 2020/2021 will be published till end of April 2020

LIST OF COURSES - 2019/2020, spring semester, update: 24.02.2020


Institute of Educational Sciences
(majors: Pedagogy, Social Work) 
-> Courses in foreign languages offered from Pedagogy and Social Work + schedule - 2019/ 2020 <-

Institute of Neophilology
(majors: English Philology) 

-> Courses in foreign languages offered from English Philology, BA - 2019/ 2020 <-
-> Courses in foreign languages offered from English Philology, MA - 2019/ 2020 <-

INTERNSHIP - course addressed ONLY to students of Pedagogy and English Philology with the specialization in Primary School Education and Teaching English in High Schools. 
The practical activity can be accomplished at nursery schools, primary schools, high schools and common rooms for children and youngs (public sitting rooms for the use of a group).
The University cooperates with school institutions so there is no need to look for a place to do your practice on your own. 
Internship is awarded with 5 ECTS, 60 hours - one semster (winter or spring). If students mobility lasts whole academic year, there is a possibility to take the internship in both semesters.
In order to subscribe to the course, please add it to your Learing Agreement (LA).

Institute of Political and Administrative Science
(majors: Political Science, Administration and Public Policy, Management and ICT in the Public Sector)
 > Courses in foreign languages offered by the Institute of Administrative Science + schedule - 2019/2020 <-


Institute of Philosophy
(majors: Philosophy)
-> Courses in foreign languages offered by the Institute of Philosophy + schedule - 2019/2020 <-

Institute of Cultural Studies
(majors: Cultural Studies, Journalism and Social Communication, Tourism and Recreation)

-> Courses in foreign languages offered by the Institute of Cultural Studies + schedule - 2019/2020 <-

Institute of Psychology
(majors: Psychology)
-> Courses in foreign languages offered by the Institute of Psychology +schedule - 2019/2020 <-


POLISH LANGUAGE COURSE - concerns students who do not speak Polish

Jesuit University Ignatianum organizes for all the incoming exchange students a seperate Polish Language Course for beginners, free of charge, which awards them with 2 ECTS and a certificate of attendance, provided they regularly attended and succesfully passed a final evaluation test. 
The course is semestral and if you are interested please add it to the Learning Agreement. 

Furthermore, if you were successfully accepted for an Erasmus exchange period at our university and are given the opportunity, by your home university, to attend an OLS course, you are highly encouraged to choose the local language option. In this way, you will be able to get familiar with some basics of the Polish language and make your beginning in Poland easier.

Polish Language Course in spring semester 2019/2020: Wednesday, 09:45-11:15, room 340.


Students of partner universities who come to study at Ignatianum within an exchange program and have a min. B1 level of Polish language (Polish nationality/ origins or confirmation in the form of certificate) may choose for their exchange studies, courses conducted in Polish language. In this case they have the option to choose among all courses conducted by all Institutes in all study levels. Below you may find links redirecting to the Polish websites of each faculty in order to check their actual programs and schedules (choose level and Institute): 

Faculty of Philosohy:

Faculty of Education: