A Bank Account

Instructions on opening a bank account in Poland:

In order to open a bank account in Poland choose the bank that has an offer which is interesting for you. We recommend you to ask your student Mentor to help you decide on that. 

Generally you can open a bank account which is free of charge, such as an Internet account or an account for young adults and students. How to do that?

  1. Go to the chosen bank subsidiary. You can ask your student mentor to accompany you and help you to communicate with the consultant.
  2. In the bank, you would need to present:
    - as an EU student: your passport or ID

    - as a non-EU student: your passport and your visa or the card of temporary stay (in case you do not have your visa or the card of temporary stay, you can present your student ID or the certificate issued by IRO treated as a confirmation of being an international exchange student)
  3. You will be asked to give your personal data, among other things, your active telephone number you will use during your stay in Poland, your Polish home address and the email address.
  4. While opening your bank account, you can also obtain a debit card. There might be a minimum sum of money that you would have to spend monthly using the card or a minimum number of transactions that you have to do, in order not to pay for the card.
  5. After opening a bank account in PLN (Polish currency) it is advisable to open a subaccount in euro.
  6. The subaccount also gives you a possibility to use a card. However, you might have to pay for it. 
  7. Once the bank account is opened, you are responsible for all your incomes and outcomes. Please remember to ask how to close the account at the end of your mobility.

However, each bank has its own procedures that is why you have to read very carefully all regulations and documents which are required by bank.