Registration procedure

APPLY NOW - the number of participants is limited (first come first served basis) 

Preliminary registration by 28th March 2019 requires:

  • a non-returnable registration fee: 400 PLN / 100 EUR / 110 USD - confirmation by email
  • APPLICATION FORM scan by email
  • photocopy of a valid passport or valid ID card - scan by email
  • photocopy of language competence proof (if applicable) - scan by email

All required documents should be sent to, what is acknowledged by sending an email to a participant. The acknowledgement does not guarantee acceptance from our university. Participant is required to apply according to the final registration.  

For non-European participants who need VISA in order to stay within the territory of Poland an official Letter of Invitation is issued. The process of issuing visa may take one or two months that is why it is highly recommended to take care of visa procedures immediately after receiving the Letter of Invitation.

Final registration by 31st May 2019 requires:

  • Photocopy of the health insurancescan by email
  • Photocopy of the visa (if applicable) scan by email
  • full payment - confirmation by email

Final registration is completed once the full payment is transferred. The registration fee is included in the overall costs of the Summer School: 
- 6500 PLN / 1600 EUR / 1700 USD (with accommodation) or
- 4600 PLN / 1100 EUR / 1200 USD (without accommodation)

PAYMENT DETAILS - money transfers need to include: Summer School and participant’s 
full name.

Bank Account Number IBAN:  PL 94 2490 0005 0000 4600 9871 1366

Bank Account Holder:
Ul. Kopernika 26, 31-501 Kraków, POLAND

Address of the Bank Branch
Ul. Pilotów 2, 31-462 Kraków, POLAND

Participants is required to cover all costs related to the payment transaction.

REIMBURSEMENT - registration fee is non-returnable

Cancelation due to force majeure, such as health issue or refusal of visa, which is confirmed before 15th June 2019 by sending via email the relevant document - fee (without registration fee) can be reimbursed.

Cancelation for any reasons after 15th June 2019 - the fee cannot be reimbursed.