Kraków is a very safe place but as with any big city, it’s worth taking sensible precautions. Keep your belongings safe! A purse, backpack or camera, left unattended can become an easy prey for thieves.
It is important to have copies of all documents. 


  • Alcohol consumption in public places (parks, banks of a river, squares etc.) is strictly forbidden and subjected to high penalty!
  • Smoking cigarettes is prohibited in certain places (like universities, halls of residence, workplaces, public transport - buses, trams, trains, cabs, bus/ tram stops, stations, restaurants, pubs, playgrounds). You are allowed to smoke in some of the above mentioned places if there is a smoking area.
  • Do not cross the street during red light or when there is no crossing. There are actual fines for that.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal and can result in prosecution
  • Cycling and under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden and subjected to high penalty
  • Since 10:00pm to 06.00am there are quiet hours. 

Emergency situations posing a risk to your health, life or property (24h): 112
Municipal police (pl Straż miejska): 986
Fire brigade (pl Straż pożarna): 998
Ambulance (pl Pogotowie ratunkowe): 999
Police (pl Policja): 997
Medical information: +48 12 661 22 40 (24/7)

These numbers are free to call - only use them in a real emergency.


In case of being robbed you need to go to the Police Station (pl Komisariat Policji):

  1. Komisariat Policji w Krakowie
    Address: 29 Rynek Główny
    Telephone number: +48 12 615 73 17
    Opening hours: 24h
  2. Komisariat Policji I w Krakowie 
    Address: 35 Szeroka str.
    Telephone number: +48 12 615 29 14
    Opening hours: 24h
  3. Komisariat Policji II w Krakowie
    Address: 21 Lubicz str.
    Telephone number: +48 12 615 29 15
    Opening hours: 24h

List of consulates in Krakow is available here.